Ashish Saharia's Virtual Realm

My Family

[Home is where the heart is.]

   My family is largely responsible for the fact that I'm still (mostly) sane, in this mad, mad world. My family means more to me than what may be apparent to most. I really miss my paternal grandparents, Dr. Vinod Behari Lal and Mrs. Mohini Lal. We lost them to natural causes in December 2000 and July 2001 respectively. My inquisitive, scientific, and analytical temperament can be attributed, in no small part, to the influence that Grandpa had on me, from very early on in my life. He was a doctor by profession, but an engineer at heart. He introduced me to science and reasoning, when I was very young. He also taught me how to play chess. Grandma was exactly like what an ideal grandma should be like - loving, caring, and she knew my culinary likes and dislikes better than anyone else. She also liked knittng woolen sweaters for all of us, and was very good at that. I have been fortunate indeed, to have lived with them from the time I was born, till the end of their days. All of us lived together, under the same roof, and did rather well, notwithstanding the minor differences that we had amongst ourselves sometimes. I have fond memories of those days.

My Grandfather - Dr. V. B. Lal (28 May 1920 - 02 December 2000)

   My parents, Mr. Nawal Behari Saharia, and Mrs. Indra Saharia, are so possessive of me, it's almost funny at times. Dad studied mechanical engineering in college, and joined Larsen & Toubro (L&T), Powai (Mumbai), soon after he received his diploma. He retired from the same multinational company, about 35 years later, as a Senior Manager (Production). Mom is a housewife. She is the binding force in the family, and we are all more or less completely dependent upon her. She has been doing a commendable job of running the household, for over three decades now. They still treat me like a 4 year old sometimes, but I guess that is only a reflection of their love for me.

My Mother & Father

   I have a sister who is a little over 5 years and 3 months older than I am, but I bully her and call her names all the time. Her maiden name is Jyotika Saharia. She changed her name to Chaitrali Altekar, after getting married to Rahul Altekar, a Supply Chain Management Specialist, who holds a Fellowship in Supply Chain Management from NITIE, Powai (Mumbai), and is a respected veteran, in his field of work. I can't thank them enough for bringing Prachet into this world. Prachet is my nephew, my joy, my pride, and a really cute recepient of my unconditional love. He and I are practically inseparable, and we display exemplary levels of teamwork, in tormenting and harassing everyone around us. Prachet responds to almost anything that I call him, and so far, I have bestowed names like Nannu, Paaloo, Laadlum (rhymes with 'sum'), Gabalgabal, Gabbu, and Q2, onto him.

My Sister - Chaitrali Altekar

My Nephew - Prachet Altekar